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From small beginnings Inner Wheel has grown into one of the largest women’s organisations in the world. It was formed in 1924 by the wives of Rotarians in Manchester, the first meeting taking place on 10th January in that year. Its initial purpose was to complement the work of Rotary International. By 1934 there were 79 clubs grouped into Districts. In the same year, the Districts were united into the Association of Great Britain and Ireland. By 1967, Inner Wheel had spread to many parts of the world and International Inner Wheel was formed. Today there are around 105,000 members worldwide in over 3,700 Clubs, in 88 different countries. In Great Britain and Ireland there are 1,064 Clubs. In our own district there are 25 clubs and around 800 members.


Jean Harris the wife of the Founder of Rotary Paul Harris was made an Honorary Member of the Edinburgh Inner Wheel Club in 1946.

"World Inner Wheel Day" is celebrated on 10th January each year.


The Inner Wheel Club of Seaford received its Charter on 6th December 1947.

WHAT DOES INNER WHEEL DO? The answer lies in the words “Friendship and Service” which have been unofficially adopted as the Inner Wheel motto. The many social events undertaken by Members encourage a closer co-operation to undertake our numerous service and fund-raising projects and activities.

Inner Wheel is not sectarian nor party political.

The objects of Inner Wheel are:


1. To promote true friendship. 2. To encourage the ideals of personal service. 3. To foster international understanding.



Social Events:
Theatre trips - Walks - Supper Parties - Speaker Events


Fund Raising:
Coffee Mornings - Fashion Shows -

Silent Auctions - Barbecues - Cheese & Wine Parties.


Service in the community
Emergency Boxes for disaster areas.
Financial Support through fund raising for worthy causes.
Financial Support for the Send a Cow stock aid programme.
Help with Rotary International events.


Who Can Join Inner Wheel?

Although there are now female Rotarians, men are not admitted to Inner Wheel.

In many countries where it is a male-dominated society, Inner Wheel and similar women’s organisations are the only way a woman can make her voice heard.

Membership may be taken up by the following, provided that they are over 18 years old

Women related to Rotarians/former Rotarians

Women related to Inner Wheel Members/former Inner Wheel members

Women who have been invited to join - provided that a majority of the club members agree

For more information contact the Association Secretary/Administrator

The Association of Inner Wheel Clubs in G.B.& I.

51 Warwick Square, London SW1V 2AT

The President of the Inner Wheel Club of Seaford for 2016-17 is Andrea Butti .

We meet at 7.30 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month at the Seaford Golf Club, 111 Firle Road, Seaford, BN25 2JD.



the Hon.Sec., Valerie Wagstaffe
Telephone: 01323 890623


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  • Fellowship
  • Wed 24 Jul 2019
  • James Corrigan: Seaford Town Clerk
  • Wed 31 Jul 2019
  • Business Meeting
  • Sun 04 Aug 2019
  • Boot, Craft and Produce Fair

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